Friday, March 1, 2013

an evening with Jericho Rosales

never had i imagined that i will ever meet this actor.   an actor who rose to stardom from the hit teleserye, Pangako Sa 'Yo and later Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas.  it is none other than Jericho Rosales.

Photo credit to Starmometer

in conjunction with Astro Bella's first anniversary, jericho was exclusively flown to celebrate the event here in KL.  and astro had also arranged a meet-the-fan session which was held today at KL Hilton.

even though i didn't have anyone to go with me, i still went to the event today.  i had been very excited since i learned about the news 2 weeks ago.

the turn-up was quite strong.  most of which i believe were loyal supporters.  i was there alone, so it felt kind of strange and out of place.  well, never mind.  just mind my own business.

we waited outside the ballroom since 4.00 p.m.  it was crowded.  people keep shouting "Echo!  Echo!" ~ his nickname.  the atmosphere was really warm and humid.  and we were only allowed to go in at about 5.20 p.m.  finally!

the emcee for the day was Dina Nazir from  i must admit that she was quite relaxed when handling the strong crowd.  lucky enough, when i went into the ballroom, i managed to secure a good spot ~ in front of the stage!  but gradually, i was slowly pushed a bit behind  :(

and when jericho was out on stage, everyone was screaming.  i was also screaming, but i can't hear my own voice.  omg!

look at the crowd!
Photo credit to MalaysianDigest

whenever he spoke, we screamed.  especially when he said, "saya cinta kamu".  the crowd went crazy and the screams of the fans grew more frenzied!

jericho performed 4 songs - two of which were Change the World and Beautiful in My Eyes.  the other 2 i can't recall the title.  all in all, the meet-the-fan session finished less than one hour.  wth???

but let me tell you something ~ he is really handsome.  really!  for me, he looks so much better in person.  much much better!  ^_^

can you spot which one is me?  ^_^
Photo credit to MalaysianDigest

anyway, even though i didn't manage to take photo with him personally or get his autograph, it was still one of the beautiful memories for me.  and i know, i will cherish it for a long time.

so long Echo.....


  1. KG!!!!
    U kijammm!! kijammm!!! kijamm!! tak ajak ai pun.

    Menci tau!!!

    Seyes, ai jeles u know.. Menci!!


    1. luvelymummy,
      laa... awat tak habaq? cek tak tau no...!
      next time lah ya.

      just nak bagitau.
      in person, dia memang handsome. handsome banget!
      huhu!!! ^_^


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