Sunday, February 17, 2013

Linda MY

my visit to the Dept of Radiotheraphy & Oncology had brought back a few memories.  i still remember visiting the 3rd floor of the building way back in 2002 & 2005.  at that time, it was like a second home to arwah mak.  and arwah mak left us while she was there.  al-fatihah.

i went there last friday to visit one of my seniors.  we were not in the same school, but were in the same hostel.  Mazlinda bte. Mohd Yunus, or fondly known as Kak Linda, was admitted since 29th january.  when i saw someone posted on the FB wall about k. linda's condition, by hook or by crook, i know i have to visit her.

k.linda was kind of asleep when i reached room 10, wad 3c/3d, 3rd floor of the dept.  she can hear your voice but it's not easy for her to react.  this may due to the medicine that was dripped into her.  i met her mother, her sister and her husband.  it looked like they did not have enough sleep.  i understand...

it so happened that my seniors from convent seremban, Kak Ewa & Kak Ogy also came after a few moment.  anyway, let me tell you that k. linda is a very, very friendly, lively and bubbly person.  you cannot help but to adore her.  looking at her laying back helplessly make you feel heartwrenching.

k. linda, be strong ok.  we'll pray for your speedy recovery, insya'allah.

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