Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day lunch

today we went to ms alice & husband's boxing day lunch.  it was held at ISHq Restaurant & Bar, Crown Plaza Hotel.  it is an annual event, and ms alice extended invitation to all staff in group credit, termasuklah aku.

we were invited & attended the same event 2 years back.  last year dapat invitation jugak tapi tak pergi sebab masa tu bercuti di jb.  since this year takde apa-apa plan, so aku fikir why not, pergi je lah.  lagi pun, i found out that most of group credit staff tak attend except rizleen & me.

Photo credit to Groupon Malaysia

event started from 1.00 - 3.30 p.m.  we reached there about 1.15 p.m.  eloklah cepat, boleh balik cepat.  lama-lama kat sana segan sebab semuanya orang besar-besar.!

Photo credit to ISHq Restaurant

when we reached there, dah ramai yang sampai.  i noticed that this year's crowd was more than the one we attended before.  food pun more or less macam dulu jugak.

Photo credit to Deals Navigator

tapi tak done nak ambik gambar makanan, segan lah.  banyak mata-mata yang memerhati.  gambar-gambar untuk entry kali ni ihsan pakcik google.  anyway, just let me give you the idea of the menu ya.

Photo credit to Groupon Malaysia

appetizer:  kerabu mangga & pomelo salad.  main dish:  thai laksa, roti naan & dhal gravy, plain biryani with butter chicken, prawn masala & mutton {lupa masak jenis apa}.  side dishes:  ayam goreng berempah, sweet sour fish & stir fried mixed vegetable.  dessert:  fruits & doughnuts ~ nampak macam from krispy kreme.

Photo credit to Groupon Malaysia

we were there for about an hour.  and came home in a 'kekenyangan' condition.  brrrp...!  alhamdulillah.

alice & adrian, thank you very much for the good food & lovely afternoon.

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