Saturday, November 19, 2011

CIB Team Building ~ final

it's been a week since the 1st day of the team building program last friday.  on sunday, which was the last day, cuma tinggal 2 module je lagi before it ended.

in module 3, we had Amazing Race.  tapi bukanlah macam amazing race yang kita tengok kat tv tu.  it was more on how long a group can finish a task in a given time.

check-point 2:  golf ball waltz

finally, module 4 - Pulse of a Winning Team was where all of us did the jai-ho dance together.  this time, dah takde grouping lagi dah.  one for all.  gamat!

ewah, ewah..!

to conclude, in my opinion, the team building program was a success and enjoyable.  seronok sebab dapat kenal staff from other branches that we always liaise on the phone but never had the chance to meet.  seronok bila brainstorming dan berkongsi idea untuk menjayakan sesuatu aktiviti.  serta seronok to compete dalam persaingan yang sihat.

in a nutshell, memorable yet meaningful.

good bye putrajaya.  till we meet again.

now i know who is not a good team player...

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