Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 in 1 celebration

before the hype goes basi, i better type down a few words from our gathering at Pakli Kopitiam last saturday.  as you noticed, aida had already added her two cents worth of the story in her blog.  i guess i'm a little behind this time around :)

Dina, Baby, Hakeem & Nelly

anyway, the gathering turned out just fine even though the closing ceremony was kinda dissappointing.  each of us ordered f&b to our own liking.  i ordered nasi ayam lemon + kedondong juice (both recommended by qila), alhamdulillah, kenyang.  my hubby had laksa katong, meanwhile dina had chicken chop & coke.

Nasi Ayam Lemon

malam tu aktiviti bebas.  eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, gossipping {is there such a word?}, mingling, networking, roaming, photographing, loafing, scrutinising & etc.  actually, we were celebrating belated birthdays for both mak & abah, Puan Azizah & Encik Abu Bakar.

dalam pada tu, raikan jugak birthday Qaseh, aida & me.  bila main course dah habis, time for dessert ~ chocolate cake.  the cake that azrul sponsored was beautifully decorated.  belum habis nyanyi lagi budak-budak including dina dah rembat beruang2 yang comel kat atas kek tu.  hampeh!

lucky enough, the cake still had balance after everyone had eaten.  so each of us had our own share which was divided & packed by aida to bring home.  when i got mine, i heard someone said it's my "trademark".  i was like "what?  is tapau my trademark?", i said to myself.  my reaction?  smile widely even though it did hurt a little if not a lot.  that's my value.

Qila, Yeen & Mak

i admit that i always tapau from my mother-in-law's house.  tapi salah ke aku bila aku orang pertama mak cakap "juana bungkus bawak balik apa yang nak".  tu pasal aku selalu jadi yang pertama bila buat aktiviti tapau kat rumah mak.  selalunya aku ambik apa yang aku makan lah.  tapi bila mak nampak ada yang aku tak ambik, dia suruh ambik jugak sebab my hubby makan.  mak, muah!

Photo courtesy from

salah ke aku bila mak cakap "juana habiskan dalam periuk tu, takde sapa nak makan dah".  sendiri mau ingat lah.  takkan aku nak habiskan jugak.  agak-agak lah bila ambik tu.  walaupun takde orang nak makan dah, tapi ada lagi orang nak tapau.  kuang!  kuang!  kuang!

i'm not a quiet person, not a chatterbox either.  tapi kalau aku rasa aku perlu bercakap, i will say it out.  that's how i was raised, i guess.  that's my value.  pasti ada yang kata aku ni sensitif tahap gaban kan?  tak boleh bergurau minah ni.  bergurau???  how cliche!  ada masa bergurau, kita bergurau & ketawa besar-besar.  tapi takkan semedang je nak bergurau.  gilo apo?

well, i'm a bit emotional today.  also, slightly more english than usual.   awesome!  my english has never been better.  weird part is, i feel relieved now.

i think it pays to stay true to your values.  what say you?


  1. hehehhe..
    people can just say wutever they want..


    p/s: soon i will join u.. insyaallah :P

  2. cepat ya. kita tapau sama-sama. hua! hua! hua!


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